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How 'Ego' can destroy relationships


To truly love our inner ‘self’ we must not allow our ego to obstruct this process.  If we desire to experience great relationships it's vital we do not allow this pattern to develop.  One of the fastest ways to destroy a new interaction or even a long standing relationship is to ’self’ sabotage the situation. 

Imagine you are having a conversation with

Good listening requires great wisdom

To be a great listener you must understand human beings. How do you obtain this wisdom? I would say part dedication and part finding the right teachers or mentors. But you know what? When somebody's got it, you can tell in an instant and it's very attractive.

Stand Out in a Crowd - Listen for the unspoken

When people speak, they reveal their deepest thoughts, ambitions, concerns, fears, moods and aspirations but most of the time neither the speaker, nor the listener, pick up on these subtle, underlying issues but they are always there. Good listeners, on the other hand, frequently attend to these background, unspoken emotions and concerns.

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