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Being Friendly to working with Bentley

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the Concours D'Elegance at the amazing Hurlingham Club in London. These magnificent grounds included some of the worlds most exclusive brands with vintage and modern super cars in abundance. With 700 people sipping champagne in this opulent location of this private club it was clear that many were there to network. Over the years I have been involved in bringing individuals together through effective communication and last night I noticed a common mistake

Dubai Seminar - Approaching women will never be the same


Event - Attraction Anytime Anywhere This event was centred around gentlemen who wished to improve their intimate relationships with women. Each individual were in different situations whereby some desired to interact and meet multiple women whereas others were trying to find that special woman who they could share every aspect of their life with on a "one to one" basis.

Valentine's Day Gift

Realising the major growth of the Ex Patriot community in the UAE especially Dubai and also realising a growing problem in this region for affective communication we decided to hold an event at the iconic Emirates Towers in Dubai.

The 'Curious' key to successful conversations

Having curiousity is a genuine and natural way of engaging in conversation. Most individuals enjoy satisfying your curiosity and it instils in them a feeling of being an interesting and worthwhile individual and their company valued.

Communicate this before physical indulgence with a man


We have just enjoyed working at the weekend with Claire who shared her own personal story of how she kept indulging in her same negative routines when interacting with men. Claire is not alone in the misconception that physical attraction makes a man want and desire a woman - and which will ultimately lead to a fulfilling relationship - but believe me this is a complete fallacy. Having sex with a man does not and will not guarantee a lasting relationship. Often a woman will say:

Why do men get bored in relationships?


Sometimes my single girlfriends share with me - "How to get a boyfreind?" - and the struggles they face, especially those that are over thirty who would dearly love an intimate relationship and hopefully children one day and I frequently receive emails from divorced women who are also struggling to find that special guy. NOW let me ask you something -

Listening - not a passive activity

I know many of you have heard a great deal about listening already. Therapists, Practitioners and other communication experts constantly talk about the positive benefits of being a good listener. And you know what, they are all right. Being a great listener can win you friends, boost your business profits and advance your career. It can make people feel so good about being with you that they'll literally follow you anywhere.

How to Listen with Respect and Validation

An excellent listener is to take on the job of always finding something to respect and validate about what others are saying. I challenge you to take this on. Very few people do this as most people are seeking validation for themselves. Many people when listening to others, look for flaws or weakness in what the other person says. We often end up disagreeing (verbally or non verbally) with the other person's views, attitudes or feelings.

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