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Attract women in everyday situations. Discover skills of automatic attraction.

Feel you could be operating at a higher level in your abilities with women?

Are you frustrated because you can’t get dates with the women you really want? 

Do you feel that meeting women comes with challenges and hurdles? 

Are you bored of meeting drunken women in bars & clubs?

Finding approaching women or your communication with women can cause anxieties and frustrations? 

Do you feel that women are talking a different language? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above then you have arrived at the right place.  

An Authentic Formula

I want to share with you a step by step plan for attracting the women you want from:
  • How to approach women you don’t know
  • To moving the interaction along in a positive direction
  • How to spark attraction
  • Through to setting up dates
  • How to manage dates
  • Through to maintaining relationships so women stay interested and attracted to you. 

When it comes to having pleasure and fun in this area if life we are often our own worse enemy - which is often true for any activity which is fun, when you feel you might look silly or get laughed at by others, we tend to not do it.  We then get creative with our reasons and excuses for not doing the thing we actually desire to do. 

Or sometimes we have that annoying voice in our head saying things such as:

“Don’t mess this up”

“These other people might lose respect for me”

“I will look such an idiot if this doesn’t work out”

This voice is not God - he just likes to think he is.  

We are not born with these restrictions.  We learnt them from well meaning parents and other social influences like school, friends & TV.

A lesson I learnt which was very valuable to me many years ago was that

Any behaviour is a learned behaviour

Those words changed my attitude of what’s possible for my life and still continues to do so.  

Who am I?

My name is Adam Cumberland and I have been helping men in this area of life for a little over 10 years. 

I am not a pickup artist - No routines or scripted lines. 

I teach an authentic approach which actually brings out more of your own personality to the forefront when interacting with women. 

Ultimately making you more of you.

My philosophy is a complete tool kit of techniques, strategies, principles & conversational skills which you can utilise to meet, date and enjoy relationships with the women you want.   

Two things you must have for living a great life with women?

1. Maturity of Mind

To accept that you will benefit from learning from others that have already walked this path.  The reason why most men don’t have choice is due to the fact that most men will not swallow their pride and take this initial step.  This is clearly not you.  They believe as a man - you should just know how to meet women which at best is a myth.  To improve in any area of our life we must learn from others so why should this be any different.

2. Drop the Excuses

From not taking action in those moments when you would like to take action with women and come to accept that this is a learned behaviour like any other skill which can be learned and Easily Mastered.

Did you try to set up a date with that girl you noticed walking to work today?

Did you engage with that women at lunch today that caught your eye?

Did you chat with that girl in the coffee shop you noticed?

Did you approach that women in the street that was just your type?

We have all made excuses but the ‘Maturity of Mind’ Man will see these excuses for what they opportunity to grow and expand ones knowledge.  This is ultimately what lead you to this website and for that I respect you for wanting to learn more.  

I mentioned above ‘Easily Mastered’...and I meant it.  

From the beginning of time men have constantly strived to connect with women.  It is a natural part of human survival that has over the years become clouded with false ideas and media hype on what is needed to engage and date with women in the 21st Century.

When you cut away at the misleading sterotypes and get back to the truth - the idea of connecting and dating women of your choice in any situation at any time will become easy and exhilarating in every way possible.  

Create a New Habit

95% of all men unfortunately are not in a habit of Attracting & Dating the women they want on a daily basis in their everyday lives.  With the help of my team, I want to make that a habit for you.

Results are a Choice

The fact your still reading this puts you apart from the masses.  Most people settle for an average dating life and wonder why their not happy.  Life is relationships.  When your lying on your death bed grey and old I’m sure you wont be thinking or talking about that fancy car you once will probably be thinking of your relationships.  Results in meeting women & dating are a choice and you deserve to have that choice.  Believe it or not women want you to have that choice.

We have so much to offer you here. 

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Take that next step now on what is about to become an exciting journey.

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My work colleagues all have different objectives for their intimate relationships.  Some are looking for that special person and others are looking to have fun and are happy having daily dates and open relationships. 

Having the skill of being able to attract women through effective communication is a life skill that you will apply into all areas of life, therefore improving every area of life. 

Have a great day and I look forward to meeting you in person.