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Discover how to engage, deliver and guide your audience effectively

How would it feel to be able to stand before a large group and have total control over your emotions?

Do you receive a standing ovation every time you speak?

Is your audience fully enageged by every word to state?

Can you see that look in the audiences eyes that they want more of you?

Are you taking your audience on a journey of discovery?

Our concept is simple - we make your presentations work better and harder than ever before. The scale of that can be vast or it can be just the right amount of tweaking to take it where it needs to go. 

One thing’s for the sure, whether we’re working to re-engineer your current presentation or developing the whole thing from scratch it’s all about a collaborative path to creating something special. Not just a work of beauty, but work with real depth and vision.

Executive Presentations Training

What you will learn, practice and master:

  • How to channel nerves into a desire of wanting to present
  • Enhance the impact of prepared sales presentations
  • How to add interest and style to your presentation
  • Identify the different audience types and how to adapt your presentation
  • Body language to help influence and persuade
  • Understand when and how to use multimedia
  • Handling different personality types
  • Create a development plan for future presentations
  • Working backwards to prepare a presentation that captures and maintains interest
  • How to maximise the use of supporting literature
  • How to maximise on your style
  • Working with your own style to match those of the audience
  • Assessing what secrets your body language tells about you
  • Introducing how to use NLP in your presentation
  • What anchors are and how to use them to influence audience
  • How to handle difficult questions
  • Power of tonality practiced
  • When and how to inject humour
  • Communicate much with silence
  • Identify when and how to close with impact
  • How to leave them wanting more

Corporate group bookings available with flexible teaching styles.


Executive Presentations Training - £795 per delegate (2 days)

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