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This is only available for graduates of the 'DNA of Communication Programme'.

We have developed a wonderful follow up program named the 'Street Interaction Program’ which is a concentrated 3 hour program which is taught live in the street only for gentleman that have completed our DNA Programme.

We have been getting much praise for this program as our clients feel they can now create those magic moments whenever they are walking down the street, on a night out before you actually set foot in a bar.  

This unique programme is limited to just 4 gentleman.  This is for men that are looking to sharpen their skills further so they never have to see a women again and think to themselves "what if..."  

You will now know how to affectively stop anyone in the street, create a comfortable vibe and make the necessary steps to aquire her information so you can make appropriate closes.

Walking down the street will never feel quite the same again after this. 

Street Interaction Programme - £375

For more details or queries or to make a booking please contact Eva at