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This 4 hour unique Event hosted by Adam himself will highlight some of his unique methodologies that have proven successful time and time again and have propelled him to be one of the leading masters of social interaction in Europe.

Adam will be sharing brand new material and his own personal stories.

You will learn the qualities men possess that naturally attract women…and how to bring out those hidden qualities in yourself…quickly and easily.

Do you ever notice that your mind is trying to ‘trick you’ out of success with women?  Adam believes that this comes down to your beliefs.  Adam is going to teach you a proven way to break free of those deadly limiting beliefs which are holding you back quickly and permanently, whether you are nervous about approaching women or having trouble keeping the women you really want this simple exercise will replace those insecurities with masculine confidence.

Learn the 3 simple steps that trigger instant attraction without you actually talking.

Do you ever feel that women just seem not interested?..This technique will make you stand out in the conversation and make her hang on to your every word. 

Do you ever ramble in conversation – This technique will have her speaking more whilst she accelerates her attraction for you.

How to come across with authority and dominance yet not being domineering.

Discover the rare secret of how to get others to open up to you.   It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, you will learn it here.  How to eliminate all feelings of ‘neediness’ and build an incredible single life for yourself.

How to turn ‘approach anxiety’ into a driving force forward into the interactions you truly want.  Learn and understand the recipe for ‘Cool’

We all want confidence…not only will your confidence be dramatically improved by the end of this event…this fascinating thing we call ‘confidence’ will be broken down and understood,  then together we will create a trigger for yourself so you know exactly how to a create more confidence at any given second no matter where you are.

How to train your mind to learn from your mistakes instead of dwelling on them…Learn how to command respect and the attention of others.  Learn how to build attraction and create anticipation through non verbals.

How to make her feel curiousity and fascination towards you before you speak.

A step by step plan that will ensure your results.

We are hosting the event in a beautiful 5 star location.  Spaces are strictly limited so email in for details.