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This is for gentleman that are wanting to be a little more discreet and enjoy the personal touch. This is where we tailor things completely to your personal needs.  

We all having different sticking points - so we find out what yours are and then get you to break through whatever it is that has been holding you back.

Adam will walk you through his proven strategies, principles and conversational techniques that compell women to want to engage with you. More importantly you will enjoy going out one on one with Adam himself where you will engage in multiples of conversations with the women you would truly like to meet in the areas you would like to meet them.  Adam will be guiding you every step of the way and giving you feedback to your approach, style whilst making sure you maintain complete authenticity of your true self.  

This is not about cloning people, this is about bringing more of you to table that can naturally attract the women you want.

You will be amazed on how you will start to capitalise on simple interactions with women from walking down the street to grabbing a soft drink in a news agents to enjoying effortless interactions in members clubs and other great places Adam enjoys to meet people.

You will soon discover the ease at which to initiate conversations and connect with women on a level you once thought was impossible.

As you know Adam is qualified in many areas such as hypnosis, NLP, TFT, life coaching, subliminal messaging and much more but where he likes to spend his time is when he is truly connecting with new people, because of this Adam enjoys his 'One to One' sessions and takes enormous pleasure in seeing the extraordinary growth of his clients in often just a single day.

Adam recommends 3 hour to 8 hour bookings depending on what you are looking to improve.  

For the most ambitious of individuals and with the means to do so Adam runs a full 2 day 'One on One' programme where clients will experience a profound shift in their immediate ability.

One to One with Adam Cumberland - £250 per hour

One to One 2 Day Programme with Adam Cumberland - Incorporating 20 hours training - £3,895

BMG instructors as trained by Adam himself teaching the BMG philosophy are available at - £150 per hour

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