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Only available for the graduates of the ‘DNA of Communication Programme’ 3 long packed days of non stop immersion.

Learn and practice the 4 key elements of the art of story telling.

How to create anticipation and excitement by going 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

NLP is like having a manual for your brain.  Learn how to use NLP to run your own brain so you have the skills long after the programme where you can change the way  you feel about any situation whether it be past, present or future.

There are no unresourceful people, only unresourcful states.  Learn how to elicit any state on demand at any given moment in the future.

Matching and mirroring exercises to create covert rapport (non verbal).

Practice Pacing and leading exercises in real time with our female experts.

Practice chunking up and chunking down in conversation.

Chunking up = For what purpose? Why is that important to you? What is your higher intention? What will having that give you? etc…

Chunking down = What specifically? What are examples of this? Hows that work? What are the steps or details etc…

You will practice this with our female staff so they can give you direct feedback to your ability and style.

Advanced conversational skills - People have said that are our skills manipulation as they are so powerful.  We say that they are only manipulation if your intention is bad - anything else is simply affective communication.

Advance sexual tension techniques - Once we have shown you have to make things sexual through non verbals and verbal communication we then guide you how to amp things up so the communication stays in a highly sexually charged state.

How to tease - Useful for so many reasons so you stay on her mind long after you part ways.  Great for building her attraction for you.  As well as a useful guide to gage her sexual interest in you.


How to Anchor her with strong sexual feelings towards you, which you can use like a simple trigger on demand at any given moment in the future. 

How to demonstrate you have a purpose in life subltely by conveying to women that you are ambitious and driven without actually saying it.

Understand the slight yet so important difference between guys that are arrogent and the gentlemen that are funny - you will practice this roll playing with our BMG girls.

How to Develop your boundaries.  This alone will save you so much time, even save you years of frustration.  This may well create some resistance in the moment with the women you want to connect with but I can assure you she will respect you for it within minutes.  Now you are really beginning to live the life you truly want.

Our mindset is incredibly important.  If this isnt right, no one can create magic with women whether it be on the street corner or at the Grand Prix. We explore and go deep here with excercises and practice sessions. Not just knowing this but truly understanding how you are wired up creates a huge impact when starting fresh interactions with women.

Discover the exact Human Needs which govern us all - Men and women. When you realise this, you will then know how others process the world which then makes it simply for you to make appropriate plans and suggestions that you will know will be received well.  All your interactions with men and women will now start to become effortless and people will just feel like you understand them.

Relationship management - whether that’s managing multiple women or a single long term relationship.  Knowing this is a must.  Although it sounds like something you might want to know further down the line as many of you are just looking for some fun right now, you do need this information now as it changes everything from how you handle yourself to what you say in the first 2 minutes of a new interaction. 

Insights and Understanding into the dichotomy of a womens mind  (this is why many men complain about their women, they do not realise that their women are not crazy but instead they are wired up differently)  Women like one thing one minute then the complete opposite the next.  When you understand this at the 'Intensive Mastery Programme' women will just feel like you know them and understand them.  You will even see their shoulders drop and relax around you as they now feel that someone at last understands her. And that’s the one thing most people are looking for in life from another person…Is to be understood. 

Learn and practice the 4 key traits that create automatic attraction in a women.  Contrary to what you may think - Attraction is not a choice.

Texting to amp things up sexually so you stay running around her mind.  This is vital.  This is one of the best foreplay tools you have.

Sex Education on exactly how to create powerful sexual experiences.   Many of you gentleman are probably thinking why on earth do I need to know this if Im simply looking to meet more women.  You might be thinking "Once I meet more women, then I'll worry about this later" that would be a huge mistake.   Once you get this end game mastered it totally changes how you approach and start a brand new interaction with a women.  It's like looking at women with new eyes and a new deeper understanding.  When you understand this you can meet new women in coffee shops or anywhere with words not even needed.

Practice how to come across with dominance with practice sessions.  Which will show you how to develop a strong masculine presence.

Role playing  – Enjoy practicing in a safe environment with at least 2 female BMG experts whilst Adam himself guides you to bring out the best of yourself before heading out for real time live interactions.

Improvisational practice session  - marvellous for improving your free flowing speech without having to think. This is where we wake up the creative part of our brain.  So many gentelmen are thinking of what to say next whilst the women is still talking - this ultimately breaks rapport as you are not totally present.  These exercises will centre you and bring your presence back into the interaction which is ultimately where we can create magic between two people.

Life Style - Adam will give a talk on lifestyle and how you can best capitalise on meeting new exciting people.  Probably not what you think.

Maximum just 4 attendees for this intense 3 day programme  – We create this synergy through such close proximity over the course of the 3 days.  With Adam running the entire course with his team. All 4 attendees get practically 'one on one' attention.

After roll playing with our BMG women, we then head out on the town to Art Galleries, coffee shops, the tube between venues, we don’t waste a minute, markets, top end department stores, lounge bars and even the street.  Knowledge without action is nothing. This is where it all falls into place.  This is the BMG way.

Free Style Session – Your choice.  As the group is only 4 clients, each of the clients can make a suggestion of where they would like to go and we will go there.  Often gentleman might have a favourite bar or area where they would like to meet certain women that they have seen time and time again but never approached.  We'll go there a group and make that environment happen for you. Within 30 minutes of being in that place everyone will know you which builds your social value which you can then enjoy everytime you want to go back there.   

We even do Fashion on this Program from a women who has been a stylist for models featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire & Vogue. That is tailored to you.  The reason why most people dress generic is because they are scared to convey their real personality – now we are expressing more of our true personalities this is the ideal time to check in on what we are conveying on the outside and make any adjustments, when you have your fashion in line with your personality you will be amazed at what results you can achieve, women will notice, people in general will notice a congrency that eminates from you.  Once your expressing your personality which is congruent with your clothes it will appear like magic can just occur with interactions.  

 This program I beleive will Rock your World like you would not believe.

By the time you finish going through it you will be in a totally different place.

Women will notice the difference in you.  But most importantly…you will feel it.   You’ll find yourself charged with an overwhelming feeling of confidence that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.   And NOTHING will be able to make it go away.

Intensive Mastery Program is £1,995

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