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Most personal development courses get you sitting learning in a passive state.  We don’t actually teach like that. We go out and make it happen in the moment in real live interactions.  No messing around.

 Our program is an entire philosophy the BMG philosophy so that no matter where you are, you know how to get to the next point. This is a serious education utilising everything Adam and the team at BMG have learnt over the last 10 years.This is how to become an effective communicator not only with women but with everyone

We don’t teach routines, we don’t teach lines, we teach people to be more of who they are.There are structures, principles, tools and technique which will give you the results you want but you will all present them differently.

We are all unique and therefore different.  It’s about bringing more of you to the table.Two very full days with us…will change your life.

Even though Adam is in demand he still teaches The DNA of Communication Programme in London, New York and Los Angeles   

There is a maximum of only 8 guys per programme.This is not just our work, it’s our way of life, we live it everyday.We all know how easy it is to make an excuse to not talk to that woman.We make sure you get that required growth by immersing you in the actual doing by tailoring things to your needs in your way making it happen right away.Adam will be personally watching you, encouraging you, making suggestions and giving you feedback.

 You get an instant Support structure.Adam gives you all the support you could ever need. Plus, you get the support of the other 7 guys in your group that are either just as keen as you to learn or are even better than you.Many of you become very close friends.This is about genuine transformation, because the success is right there in front of you in the live interactions.Let us tell you what you actually get on this program. You arrive Saturday morning at 8.45am


08:45      Introduction and Goals         

09:15      Theory Session  

10.30      15 min break

10:45      Theory Session

12.00      Working Lunch/Theory

13:00      Theory in action with our female experts 

15:30      Real world live interactions 

18:30      Essential Break 

21:00      Real world live interactions 

24:00      Debrief


08.45   Review

09.45   Theory/Exercises

12.00   Working Lunch/Theory

13.00   Real world live interactions

16.00   Theory

17.30   Belief Change

19.00   Enjoy

First morning you meet Adam and the team and we go through what you want to achieve, your goals, what you want to get out of the experience.A client would often come to us with a goal like ‘ I want to be able to approach women consistently without feeling worried or concerned about it’ and we get that handled by lunchtime on the first day.His then moving on to the next thing like ‘keeping the conversation interesting’ then ‘how to create sexual tension’

We all have numerous goals here like:

 Opening a conversation with ease no matter where you see women.

When to touch, how to  touch.Logistical moves.Handling group dynamics.

Timing of when to aquire her information and how.

Making your intentions clear that you do not want to be perceived as just a freind.

When to make it sexual and the multiple ways of doing so.

And so many more…

 and our job is to make sure you burst through those goals.  We have had clients break through 10 + goals in a single dayThey cant go back, they have evolved as a person.  This is about genuine transformation that can only be achieved from an interactive programme.

 The Theory

 This is where we teach you structures of language and as long as your intentions are good, how to influenceWe have strategies to open conversations so women want to hear what you have to say that create anticipation which build attraction.

We teach you how to turn dull conversations around.

How to raise your own social status through language as well as body languge.

How to make women feel comfortable straight away but without supplicating or coming across needy.

We teach you how to Calibrate.  Incredibly important from body language to tonality.

How to gather her information so you can escalate the situation and make appropriate closes.

We know some of you have emailed us saying you worry about running out of conversation.

We give you a strategy so you never run out of things to say, ever.  We practice this in our conference room as well as in live real interactions. Most of our staff have received emails about concerns of not  coming across interesting when interacting with women. We have an exercise for that, which we practice.  That will never happen to you gentleman again. 

Not only you learn the theory but you practice it in a controlled environment where we can enjoy making any mistakes whilst you hone your ability before we go out in a great mind set and make it happen in the places you would like to meet women.

Your learn body language, massively important. Remember what I said earlier about 55% of our communication is body language? So we better get this one right. We go deep here in practice sessionsWe can only process consciously between 3 and 6 things at any given moment.  Adam and his team will see things you simply can’t. Adam likes to teach what he calls the Void Conversation Starter.

This is where our body language is such that we can walk into a group of women and start an interaction without actually saying anything.   Each and every one of you will do this and it’s a fun one and very effective. You’re going to learn Non Verbal Communication (NVC) through gestures, touching, posture, facial expressions and the big one - eye contactThis is crucial. Boys verses Men here gentleman. We have two exercises here which will feel uncomfortable in the moment but the rewards are well worth it.

You will get to learn how to Gauge her attraction for you.

Right from the start before you even engage.

If she doesn’t have any attraction for you, we teach you how to get that attraction and then how to increase that attraction further. You will practice with our female experts. They will teach you how to handle any resistance from women which most of the time isn’t actually resistance but rather women testing you.   You might not know this yet, but its a good thing women do this. They will give each and every one of you direct feedback to your approach and style, from body language to tonality. Then we all go out during the day and make some women’s dreams come true. 

We actually do it.  

Adam will demonstate first and then you will do it. This is where the growth really happens, this is where you make a difference.  This is the core to the BMG way of teaching. You get to watch Adam interact first which is vital to your understanding of what's possible, then you go.   We enjoy making it happen together again and again and again.

So much fun. When you’re experiencing those great interactions we don’t have to convince you of your success. You’re there, you’re in it, you’re making it happen. Most women are looking for that serendipities moment when they get swept off their feet.   And they will get swept. Adam will teach you how to close conversations. Even Adam remembers what it's like to get fake numbers. We have a strategy so that never happens again, ever. You will now know how to finish the conversation and get her information which is full proof.

 Touching is a must gentleman.  We practice when and how to touch.  You can’t escalate sexually without touching. Its essential, but there are specific ways of doing this and timing is very important here so you don’t come off sleazy.The reason why most of you are all here - Making it sexualWe teach you the various different ways of making it sexual. Verbally & Non verbally. Once again timing is crucial here.You will never be in the friend zone again after this.Then, at night you go out again with Adam.  You make it happen.  We get chatting with everyone. Most of our clients report that they started more sober interactions by this time of the program than they have in their entire lives and you can only imagine what that does for your beliefs about women.Even if you don’t listen to any of Adams' theory, even if you don’t do the numerous exercises in our conference room, when you go out with us, you can’t help but your ability gets raised.You will learn how to create a deeper bond so she never forgets you.  And we’ll get you there within the first 5 to 6 minutes of the interaction.This is what will separate you from all the other guys out there.  

Sunday morning we have an assessmentWe’ve had clients share stories about results and experiences they have had. Sometimes I here stories where clients ended up in wrong hotels but that’s their business. By this time, you all would have gained more than enough new references, new life experiences to support a whole new set of beliefs about yourself and women. So Adam then take you through a concentrated powerful process where he instils in you and reinforces the exact opposite beliefs so that you become a force forever driving forward for what you want long after the programThis process alone is potent.Adam Will teach you how to set up instant dates and many of you in your group will enjoy instant dates on the programme itself.  We'll guide you on how best to arrange a second meet up with suggestions on locations.  

Adam will even show you how to handle group dynamics and how to start the conversation whether it is 1 girl with 4 guys or a group of women.  It's essential to know this which Adam will demonstrate in real time before you too once again make that happen.

By Sunday all your abilities will be in a very different place.In the last 2 months, Adam has gentleman come to him worrying about how to start a conversation with a women, they simply could not engage a women.They are now interacting with 10 plus women every single day that they are genuinely attracted to and the guys I can assure you are now having to reject women.

Most men have been hypnotised by the world around them.  Magazines, newspaper, television and the media have confused the ease at which it is to connect with women.  

For most guys, it's not a habbit to interact with attractive women.  Thats where Adam comes in to make this a habbit for  you.  And I can't think of a better habbit in the world that to have a habbit of being an excellent communicator. There is 6 billion people on this planet and half of them are women.  When we master the skills of truly being able to connect with anyone at anytime life truly becomes exhilerating.

The DNA of Communication Programme - £875

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