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Body language is an important part of our communication which constitutes 55% of our communication. If you wish to communicate well, then it is essential to understand how you best use our bodies.  What most people fail to realise is that our body language is not just communicating to others but also what we are unconsciously communicating to ourselves.  

Here at BMG we have experimented and understood fine distinctions of our physiology which has propelled our clients in becoming some of the best communicators in the world. 

Open your mind to the amazing power of Body Language and you can quickly discover when someone is attracted to you.  If they are not attracted then how to create that attraction before you even engage in conversation.

Learn how to:

  • persuade, influence and sell yourself to others
  • Create attraction with people from other cultures
  •  Understand the multiple facets of eye contact and how to build sexual tension.
  •  understand gestures, arm and leg positions, and so much more to make positive influences over the people you desire.