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Many people become very uncomfortable when attempting to maintain good eye contact, and it deteriorates into something that either looks like a prolonged gaze, a deceitful aversion... and at its worst ... a psychotic stare!

Eye contact can be made a whole lot easier with one critical tip - look at the persons whole face!

To prolong your comfort with eye contact, scan the person's whole face above the tip of the nose!

When the direct eye to eye contact becomes uncomfortable for you (or when you sense it is becoming uncomfortable for your partner), allow yourself to scan the bridge of their nose, their cheek bones, their foreheads, their hair.

Have fun with this and enjoy the person's face as you might enjoy exploring a piece of art.  On a person's face is often written the story of their life - take the time to read that story. 

The reason this works so well is that it can give you the necessary 'break time' from direct eye to eye contact, but it turns out that if you stay above the tip of the nose and don't dart about too quickly, the person you are looking at will actually perceive you to be continually giving them non-threatening, prolonged eye contact. Be careful not to move below the nose however, as lingering on the mouth begins to directly signal mating interest.