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Adam Cumberland is the founder of BMG Connections and for years wondered why some people achieved their goals in life whilst others couldn't seem to get off the starting block no matter how hard they tried.

This thought process lead him on a road of discovery in an effort to understand the intricate aspects of human behaviour. He became extremely well read and knowledgeable on many subjects including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), body language, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), life coaching, structure of language and various other teachings. He simply developed a thirst for knowledge.

The more he absorbed the more he realised how little he knew about human behaviour. The more aware he became of this fascinating subject the more he enjoyed life which inspired him to delve even deeper into this world and acquire a deeper understanding which proved both rewarding and satisfying to Adam in many ways. 

His relationships whether in the business world or intimate are now more meaningful and fulfilling brought about entirely through his knowledge and studies of human nature.

Having read over 350 books on male and female dynamics, he now engages and connects with anyone in any location which brings him a freedom and enjoyment beyond words.  He realized that to be truly fulfilled an individual had to be an excellent communicator.  With the tools, strategies, principles and techniques life improved for him on almost a daily basis.

Adam has enjoyed working with men and women of all ages in many major cities throughout the world to empower them to live the life they want.  He helps individuals eradicate negative patterns and limiting beliefs and then instils a positive attitude where anything is truly possible.  

Adam takes great pleasure seeing the growth of our clients and clearly enjoys seeing the clients breakthroughs and realizations.  Although he is in demand with corporate trainings to help staff communicate better with each other, Adam takes a personal pleasure in taking his clients out one on one to help them meet potential business partners or even new intimate partners. 

Adams' work has proved both interesting and rewarding with a variety of different clients requesting his services from Formula One track days where clients want to engage new social circles to individuals connecting with the opposite sex in a simple coffee shop. 

Having worked with the best in their chosen fields and utilised the very best of each, Adam has now taken the next step in communication.

Passion of his work is clear to see for all that have met him.  He thrives on pushing the boundaries on what can be achieved when it comes to meeting and connecting with others.  His patience and attention to detail with his clients is world class.  

On occasions Adam donates his time working with Richard Bandler (Creator and Co-Founder of NLP) helping individuals overcome their fears, phobias and anxieties.

Adam is a qualified Hypnotic Practitioner, studied subliminal messaging and explored colour therapies.  Having studied all of the above and more in isolation, Adam realised that there were faster and more efficient ways of meeting and connecting with others resulting in the revolutionary way of teaching of the BMG philosophy.