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My programme with Adam was transformational. I’ve got to admit that I was a bit apprehensive prior to my arrival. 

I mean come on, there is an unspoken expectation that as a man you should just know how to meet women, or anyone for that matter, and so much of our behaviour spins around what is, in fact, a myth at best or a big fat lie. 

The whole programme revolved around the simple truth that everyone wants to be social, wants to talk to new people, wants to connect with someone…so long as it’s done in a way that presents you as non threatening, interested and fun. We learned the concepts of all of this in the theory sessions and then we learned firsthand how it worked in the field.  

Sure it was scary, until you actually engaged someone, then it was fun. The scariest part to me would be wasting, how many more years of my life not having fun and meeting some really great folks, many of whom are great sexy ladies.

This was the beginning of what has been and continues to be a very positive change in my life. Adam was constantly practicing what he preached, on demand or off the cuff, he’d connect with anyone he wanted to and every time in the way he taught us. 

I know It’s not magic, but it works like magic. Where other schools of thought are “fake it until you make it”, I could never get comfortable pretending to be something that I’m not.  

Two days with Adam will change who you are, but more exciting is that it will change who you can be, or more importantly…become who you once thought you could be.

Adam will teach you how to cultivate the confidence to be who you want to be and to attract who you want to attract.  It's up to you now.

Thom. North Carolina, USA.


Let me start by saying what a fine time I had that weekend. I am in love with the London that I just experienced. A lot had to do with the energy of the city, its international and cosmopolitan intensity, however so much of it had to do with your personality, your leadership, your relentless optimism and charm. Thank you for that Adam. 

At every turn I felt that my interests and the interests of Michael, Johnny and rest of the group were being given your full attention. I am, at this moment, quite amazed by the possibility that is immediately before me. 

At the foundation of your teaching is the genuine interest in the person you are talking to and what excites me the most is how authentic this allows me to be.

Also at the foundation of your teaching is the knowledge that friendship is the currency of happiness. I am truly loving life more than ever now.  All the best to you, you are a gem among men.

Michael Swindon - Los Angeles


I recently attended a BMG course in London which hit the mark in every respect. I am a businessman with a wide circle of friends and can communicate very well in these areas but just seemed to clam up when it came to interactions with Women I didn't know.

I arrived at a very nice hotel greeted by Adam and his team and from that moment on was on an interesting and eye opening roller coaster.  

The theory was precise, well presented and delivered at exactly the right time. The infield interactions were well out of my comfort zone at first but with Adams guidance then seemed to flow and over the weekend what I had learned seemed to 'click'.  

I had fun, met some great people, broke through personal barriers and learned a whole new set of communication skills which are invaluable to me not only in meeting Women (which is great) but in communicating in general to everyone I meet.

I would recommend this course to anyone.  Adam, you're a star. 

Bill Windsor - Brighton, U.K