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Designed for gentlemen who desire total anonymity in a relaxed 5 star atmosphere before entering live social environments to unleash their new set of skills

Sticking Points

We all have them and this course is designed to bring them to the surface and address the issues and ultimately break through the barriers and never look back.

Adam will take each individual through proven strategies, principles and conversational techniques that will compel a woman to engage.  You will interact with women on a one to one basis with Adam along side you.  You will engage in multiple conversations with the women of choice in areas and surroundings of your choice.  

Our BMG female experts will be to hand to give you feedback to your behaviour.

Adam will of course be demonstrating at all times which is vital to your understanding of what is possible.  Each of Adams' interactions will be broken down in detail.  You will be gently guided through every step and given feedback regarding your approach and style whilst making sure your authenticity as a unique individual is not compromised in any way.  You will bring out more of yourself which has been lying dormant within you for too long.

There is no cloning.  Every single person is unique and therefore different.

These traits must be nurtured and used in a structured and positive way to enable oneself to naturally attract a women of your choice  through your own individuality.

You will be astounded at the results and will begin to capitalise on simple interactions from just walking down a street to buying a soft drink in a cafe to effortless interactions in members clubs or the venues of your choice.

Initiating conversations with ease will become second nature and you will connect with women on a level you once thought impossible.  You will discover exactly how and when to lead the interaction in a sexual direction. You will never be in the friends zone again.  Adam is going to undo years of social conditioning so you can see things as they really are and not as you think they are.  This does not mean you have to change who you are, instead it means becoming more of who you have actually been hiding.

Adam is qualified in the following areas and also the creator of our BMG phylosophy

Hypnosis, NLP, TFT, life coaching, subliminal messaging to name a few but still finds enormous satisfaction when he is truly connecting with new people and feels privileged to be able to hold his One to One sessions and takes enormous pleasure in seeing the extraordinary growth that his clients display in always just a single day.

Three to eight hour sessions are recommended depending on the client’s particular needs and requirements.
We also run an intense Two day ‘One to One’ programme - This is tailored for ambitious individuals where clients will experience a profound and immediate shift in their ability to connect not just with women but with the world at large.

"We offer a complete money back guarentee"

If you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know and you will receive a full refund.  If your ability and understanding hasn't vastly improved whilst on the programme itself you will be refunded.  We stand by everything that we do here because we know it works and so do the hundreds of individuals that have enjoyed our One to One's.

This is so much more than boy meets girl.  This is about quality of your life.  Life is relationships.  When we master the skills of being able to connect with anyone at anytime life truly becomes exhilerating.

One to One with Adam Cumberland - £250 per hour

One to One 2 Day Programme with Adam Cumberland (20 hours training) £3,895

BMG instructors as trained by Adam himself teaching the BMG philosophy are also available at - £150 per hour

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