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Captivate & inspire your audience through effective public speaking

Understanding your audiences needs


Understanding the needs of your audience and synchronising the content of your speech to these specific needs is essential when public speaking and it is vital that you speak in a logical sequential manner and endeavour to captivate your audience to ensure the time they are giving to you is both interesting and rewarding.  Practice your speech thoroughly in a calm environment and rehearse your speech in front of a mirror or in the presence of family or colleagues. 


Record your presentation


Record the content of your speech to enable you to make constructive criticism and make notes of your positive and negative points.  Your positive points should be strongly emphasised during a speech presentation.


Dress code


Dress code is of the utmost importance so dress in harmony with the nature of the presentation.  Your demeanor when addressing an audience is crucial to the success of the presentation.  It is appropriate to appear enthusiastic about your topic, confident and proud but never arrogant.  Acquire the art of looking relaxed, even if you are experiencing nerves and it is important when public speaking to enunciate clearly with natural emotion with regard to your chosen topic.


Address the back of the room

Ensure you address the person furthest away from your platform and ensure you project your voice effectively and try to vary the tone and dramatize if necessary.  You are much like an actor on stage and if you are using a microphone adjust the equipment and adapt your voice accordingly.

BMG public speaking programmes

Overcome your fear and concerns and deliver a presentation from the stage.  Discover how to engage with your audience.  Learn how to make a real impact on your guests.  We are passionate about helping you realise your true potential.  Since 2001 we have worked with thousands of people from Fortune 500 companies to individuals.  From business presentations to personal intimate speeches.  Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to improve existing skills, we have programmes that will not only bring out the best in you but make a lasting impression with your audience. 

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