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The Intensive Mastery Programme

Only for graduates of the DNA of Communication Programme.

Have you ever considered what creates a truly genuine happy person who can connect with all individuals no matter whether male or female, cultural or geographical difference and with no exceptions?  To have a feeling of certainty over what you want to achieve in life and who you want to share it with.  The BMG Intensive Mastery Programme is designed to go beyond success and to attain a fundamentally higher quality of life.

Three packed days (38 hours) of training

The course will incorporate three full days of non stop immersion into this fascinating and enlightening subject of social interaction.  

This programme will not only teach but intergrate the following into your personality:

Story telling

Fluid conversation through the four key elements of the art of story telling - Your stories will now come across captivating and engaging.

Practice and perfect the various techniques to create anticipation and excitement by going two steps forward and one step back in order to excellerate attraction.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Experience and be taught NLP to run your own brain and use it like a manual.  Utilise these skills long after you have completed the programme to enable you to change the way you or anyone feels about any situation whether it be in the past, present or future.  An essential tool for helping yourself and others.

Learn how to elicit any 'state of mind' on demand

Remember, there are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states.

Matching and Mirroring

You will experience, practice and perfect how to create covert rapport through 'Non Verbal Communication'.  A powerful and exciting set of exercises that ensure results when connecting with others.

Learn the art of pacing and leading

Exercises and techniques that you will practice with our female consultants.  

How to create compelling conversations

This strategy will create compelling conversation where women or individuals you are talking to will become at ease and relaxed around you.  People will become intrigued and drawn towards you.

Practice all these exercises with our friendly female experts who will give you direct feedback with constructive suggestions to ensure you gain your full potential.

"Is this manipulation?"

Advanced conversational skills - BMG are often asked whether these skills are 'manipulation' as the effects are extremely powerful - our answer is simply they can only be described as manipulation if the intention is bad.  Anything else is simply 'effective communication'.

Advance sexual tension techniques

BMG will instruct you in the art of bringing a situation to a sexual or more physical level through non verbals and verbal communication and advise on how to escalate a situation to ensure that it stays in this desired and highly charged state.

The three key steps to the Art of Teasing

This is an important function to enable you to guage whether an individuals particular interest in you is sexual or merely platonic.  To be proficient in this area will ensure that you stay in the mindset of a woman or man long after you have parted.

Elicit sexual feelings on demand

Learn the art of using a 'trigger' at any given moment to anchor a woman or individual with feelings of attraction and physical interest in you.  This 'trigger' can be used on demand at any time in the future to bring back these feelings instantly.

How to communicate your purpose in life

Learn to understand the important differences between men who are arrogant and gentlemen who are funny - enjoy roll playing this scenario with our BMG girls.

How to develope your boundaries

This understanding of boundaries will save you years of frustration and infinite time.  This communication in real time can create some resistance 'in the actual moment' with the person you wish to connect with but be assured by following these steps the particular woman or chosen individual will quickly transcend 'resistance' into 'respect and attraction' towards you.


Our mindset is fundamental to our physical and mental wellbeing and is crucial to our happiness.  You cannot create magic in interactions if your mindset is not charged with clarity.  We will experience and explore the valuable lessons a great mindset will offer.  We will go deep into this subject with hypnotic inductions and advanced BMG Techniques with specific exercises - to first understand totally how you as a person are 'wired up' before capitalizing and engaging in live interactions with the world at large.

Human Needs

To understand the human needs which govern both men and women is imperative.  When you comprehend this fully on the programme you will understand how other people process information and the world which will enable you to put forward ideas and suggestions in a manner that you know will be well recieved.  At this point all interactions with both sexes will appear effortless and people will give continued positive responses to you as you would have gained their respect and trust.

Relationship Management

Whether dating multiple women or looking for a single long term relationship, knowing this is a must.  You may feel at the moment you are mearly looking for fun and feel that this is something that could be put on hold until you want to settle down but this information is vital.  knowing this information will determine how you initially perform in an interaction and how you communicate in the first two minutes of a new conversation.

Dichotomy of a Woman’s Mind

Men often complain about women and state that they do not understand them but they fail to realise that women are wired up differently.  Women often prefer one thing one minute then the complete opposite the next.  This is actually very healthly.  This may frustrate many men but when you understand this female dichotomy and inter-grate this into your understanding - women will then feel an instant rapport towards you in the knowledge that you truly understand them.  This will physically manifest itself in her actions - her shoulders may drop and relax as she feels a sense of contentment that someone at last understands her.  

Attraction is not a choice - Contrary to what you may think

Many men believe that good looking guys can meet attractive women with greater ease - this is actually the complete opposite, as good looking men can be intially perceived as 'players'.  A less visually attractive man can approach a women in any situation and communicate 5 steps to ensure attraction.  Discover, practice and master the 5 steps to automatic attraction.  


Texting is an excellent tool for displaying certain character traits and to elicit certain desired feelings within a women or chosen individual towards yourself.  This is one of the best foreplay tools you can use.  We will share the 5 essential sexual escalation steps along with various texts broken down in detail.  You will discover exact structures and text patterns for influencing others.

Sex Education  

BMG guide on how to create powerful sexual experiences.  You might be thinking

"why on earth do I need to know this if I am simply looking to interact with more women, once I meet more women, then I'll worry about that later".

That would be a huge mistake.   Once you understand the end game it will completely change how you approach a women or individual as your sexual awareness is heightened.  


Practice sessions in this area will intergrate a strong masculine presence into your being whilst discovering the art of being demonstrative.  Essential for building attraction and making sure you get what you deserve in life.  We will also share the three principles that have to be communicated.

Role playing

Our 5 Star conference room locations will ensure you enjoy the thrill of learning and practicing in a safe and controlled environment with our qualified female BMG experts whilst Adam and his team personally demonstrate, guide and instruct you to ensure that you are competent and confident before embarking on real live interactions whlist on the programme.

Improvisational practice session - 3 Steps to social freedom

A crucial part of the BMG philosophy is being able to speak fluently in a 'free flowing' manner which is achieved by using the creative part of our brain.  It is a fact that many individuals when trying to impress or make an impact upon another person will constantly be thinking of the next thing to say rather than concentrating on the moment and what the person is actually trying to convey to them.  This breaks rapport between the two people.  We at BMG will share three effective steps and exercises that will centre you and bring your presence back into the interaction which is ultimately where the connection happens between two people.

Life Style

Adam will give an informative talk with new ideas and concepts on lifestyle and how to capitalise on meeting new and exciting people whether that be potentail clients to potential sole mates.

Maximum just 4 attendees

Adam the Founder of BMG will personally be in attendance to head the entire three day (almost 40 hours) programme with his team and the three other attendees.  You will receive practically 'one to one' personal attention.  Adam will ensure that each attendee receives intense instruction on every aspect mentioned above and any particular sticking point they have will be carefully listened to, analysed  and resolved.   We create a synergy through close proximity over the course of the programme that raises you to a whole new level of understanding and living.

The BMG way

After an intense and thorough instruction from our BMG female experts we will then put out theories into practice and attend art galleries, coffee shops and various venues including top end department stores and lounge bars and even approach individuals in the street in order to fully test our theories and to prove to each attendee how successful you can become in an area to which previously you may have thought impossible.  Knowledge without action is futile and the main key feature of this programme is taking action in live interactions with women and the world - 75% of this programme is live interactions, where the understanding falls into place.


We even tackle the art of fashion on our programme headed by an expert who has styled models featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire & Vogue and is tailored to your individual requirements.  The reason why most people dress generic is because they are concerned to convey their real self.  When we start to express our true personality this is the correct time to address what we are conveying to the world on the outside and make appropriate adjustments. When you have mastered your fashion and have it in line with your true personality you will be amazed at the results and people will observe a congruency that will eminate from you as a true individual and unique person. Once your personality is in harmony with your dress sense it will feel as if magic dust has been sprinkled on your interactions with the people of the world.   

"We offer a complete money back guarentee"

If you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know and you will receive a full refund.  If your ability and understanding hasn't dramatically improved whilst on the programme you will be refunded.  We stand by everything that we do here because we know it works and so do the hundreds of individuals that enjoyed our Intensive Mastery Programme.

This is so much more than boy meets girl.  This is about quality of your life.  Life is relationships.  When we master the skills of being able to connect with anyone at anytime life truly becomes exhilerating.

On completion of this programme you would have transcended to a higher level of conscious awareness with unconscious understanding set in play.  Women will notice the change but more importantly you will feel it.  You will be charged with an overwhelming feeling of confidence unlike anything experienced before which will build momentum and inspiration into all areas of your life.  

This programme is specifically designed for those who are seeking to master their communication skills, bring out the best in themselves and others and to ultimately lead a life of outstanding quality and contentment.

The Intensive Mastery Programme - £1,845