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Accelerate your performance and ability in the workplace to race up the corporate ladder

Having the ability to communicate effectively is the most important skill to have in any role in any company.  Our range of courses are filled with cutting edge BMG Techniques, strategies and approaches that will leave you with skills and confidence to start communicating with potency to make an immediate impact on your chosen goals.

Whether you are searching for the understanding and confidence to have the capability to present yourself as a dynamic emlpoyee or whether you are looking to climb the corporate ladder with becoming a leader in mind you have arrived at the right place. 

Peruse below our Personal Effectiveness Course. 

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2 Day Traning Course

Communication is best assessed by the effect it has on other people.   The influence it creates and the results it achieves.  This is a hands on course allowing delegates to depart the course with a clear plan of how to implement their new communication skills, enabling them to aquire their chosen goals. 

This challenging, empowering, practical and inspiring course explores our BMG Techniques through interaction with others whilst on the course.  This is the BMG way - knowledge in action. An altogether better way in which to connect with another person. 

You will depart the course with an action plan on how to move forward to create your chosen goals.  You will establish exactly what you need to address and walk away with lazer sharp clarity on how to grow your self confidence in your chosen area.  You will also enjoy the benefit of taking away practical solutions, tips and techniques to support you.

Is this for us?

For those wishing to improve their communication skills with others, whether that be face to face, on the telphone or at meetings. 

What will we learn by the end of the training?

  • How others currently perceive you and how to quickly change
  • Understand the current impact you make on others
  • Understanding communication barriers and how to jump over them
  • How to deliver the image and traits you want to portray
  • Become aware of the unconscious negatives you are currently conveying.
  • Identify different communication styles
  • Practice and hone your ability with role playing
  • How to convey your message clearly and assertively
  • Body language to influence others
  • Understanding the potency of listening
  • How to capitalise on the unpoken
  • How to handle difficult people
  • How to become the forthright person in challenging situations
  • situations so you become the forthright person in the interaction
  • How to elecit emotional states from others
  • How to channel there emotions to a desired outcome
  •  Critical timings of when to make an emotional impact
  •  How to gaurentee you get a decision from someone
  •  How to show support without coming across needy
  • We will discover limiting beliefs that were holding you back
  • Replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs
  • How to turn unconscious incompetence into conscious competence

  • Your new found communication skills put into practice
Corpoarte group bookings available with flexible teaching styles.

Pre Course Questionaire
For maximum beneft of the course, you will be sent a questionaire to complete so we can clarify your expectations.  This will help us prepare for you so we can tailor the weekend to your needs.

Personal Effectiveness Course £795 (12 hours over 2 days)

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