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Motivational techniques & strategies to keep you and your team ahead of the rest

For any business to get ahead and stay ahead we have to be looking for new innovative ways to get the best out of our team. 

Here at BMG we have identified, created and improved our BMG Techniques and strategies to not only get the best out of your team - but ensuring every team member stays consistently motivated where procrastination becomes a thing of the past.


Programme - 2 days

Excellerate your teams performance with effective motivational strategies.

Discover communication techniques to transfrm your teams eagerness to work and successfully achieve chosen goals.

Is this for us?

Ideal for managers, supervisors and leaders who demand a higher standard from themselves and their team to ensure a postive working spirit and high quality performanace.

What will we learn by the end of this training?

  • Motivation broken down and explained
  • Identify the motivators and demotivators in the workplace
  • Role play motivation theories in your workplace scenario
  • How to develop motivational leadership skills
  • How to Identify what motivates your individual employee
  • How to sustain motivation
  • How to demand respect and trust
  • Motivation in action with our live role playing
  • Understanding the dynamics and how to apply them to everyday life
  • Managing your teams expectations
  • Building on motivation through staff partisipation
  • How to calibrate to different personalities in your workplace
  • How to create rapport and trust with others
  • Discover matching and mirroring for unconscious influence
  • Pacing and leading in order to lead others faster
  • How to capitalize on emotional responses
  • Learn NLP to control emotional states in any situation
  • Advanced BMG Techniques to eliminate unconscious blocks
  • Role play live interactions of workplace scenarios
  • Understanding your mindset - Discover a manual for your brain
  • Negative beliefs eradicated - New empowering beleifs installed
  • A step by step plan of how to move forward after the training

Corporate Group Bookings available with tailored teaching styles.

Motivating Your Team - Workshop - £895 per delegate

To find out more, make a booking or for any questions please contact: or phone us now. 

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