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The hospitality business is a client based business.  Does your customer feel special?

We must hone great communication skills if we want to stay ahead of the competetion and give our customer an experience to remember.  We must meet the practical and emotional needs of our customer.

If you are not able to relate to your customer your business will suffer.

Teamwork is essential if the respective jobs are part of a larger team which for most jobs in this industry is the case.  

Imagine you are the guest of a hotel. 

How many hotel employees interact with you from the moment you enter the door.  The doorman greets you - what should he say?  How should he say it?  How should he guide you?  The receptionist then engages with you.  By this time most customers would have already made a judgement about your service. 

Your customer is consciously and uncousiouisly making decisions about your environment and each of these decesions will translate to whether they come back again and whether they will refer freinds. 

We need to be aware of what we are not communicating which is subcommunicating much.

What are the time differences between when your customer leaves the receptionist to when the doorman arrives at the room with the customers bags?  What personas are acceptable, which are understandable and which unacceptable?

Your team has to work together.

All hospitality environments have such a diverse range of personalites - How are you ensuring these persoanlities are not clashing and instead encouraging each other to greater heights?

If your team are not in harmony with eachother the customer will know and it will affect their experience and enjoyment.

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